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  • Based in Leicester, England, we provide strategic business and IT consultancy
    services for a wide range of clients.
  • We specialise in enhancing communication and promoting understanding
    between groups of people from differing backgrounds.
  • We help businesses challenge their existing preconceptions and explore options
    for change.
  • Northlight is committed to providing the highest standards of independent
    advice to all clients. We believe that only by fully appreciating both the technical
    and business implications of change can the maximum benefits of new
    technology be realised for all who will be affected by it.
  • Northlight offers technical expertise in a wide variety of technologies,
    coupled with an understanding that it is always the technology that must
    work for the people.
  • Northlight's clients range from SMEs to a Blue Chip UK Aerospace manufacturer
    and from single person businesses to a large unitary local authority.
    Whatever the size, Northlight takes a human-centric view.

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